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Advancing the 5G Experience

Diving into detail about Unwrapped event: 6 – 8 June 2023

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This Unwrapped event will highlight the new services a 5G world is enabling and how demand for these applications is creating new business models and opening new revenue streams.

Areas of focus

  • Metaverse & XR
  • Mobile Gaming and Cloud Gaming
  • Content & Entertainment
  • Devices
  • Connected Cars
  • Security services
  • eSIM
  • Quantum Resistant SIM
  • Private Networks and Slicing
  • Digital Twins & AI
  • Fixed Wireless Access


Tuesday 6 June, 14:00 GMT

Enabling advanced consumer services 

The second wave of 5G promises to change the way we consume content. Standalone 5G networks and new 5G Advanced technology will power metaverse and XR experiences. New device form factors will require the latest processor technology that can support cloud gaming and ultra-low latency services. The first day’s focus of our June Unwrapped event will review how 5G is set to transform consumer services.

Wednesday 7 June, 14:00 GMT

Fuelling the enterprise opportunity

It is widely accepted that the enterprise market offers the biggest potential for operators to generate returns on their 5G network investments. The second day of our June Unwrapped event will analyse developments in the fast-growing 5G private network market, and examine the role that digital twins and AI technology are playing in enabling new enterprise 5G services.

Thursday 8 June, 14:00 GMT

Securing advanced 5G services

The value of a 5G network is nothing without a robust secure infrastructure behind it. As consumer and enterprise services become more advanced thanks to the power of 5G, the potential for malicious attacks also grows. The third day of our June Unwrapped event will highlight industry progress in securing the latest 5G services that are being delivered across devices and a growing array of ‘things’.

Stay tuned for more information on the agenda and speakers! If you’d like to take part in this event, please contact us.

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