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Making Money from the Mobile Enterprise

Diving into detail about Unwrapped event: 14 – 18 November

Enterprise XR & the Metaverse 

The concept of the metaverse is the mobile industry’s latest big hype. Although definitions of exactly what the metaverse is vary, 2022 has already seen a huge amount of focus on potential metaverse use cases for the enterprise segment. This Unwrapped daily focus will examine the opportunities for metaverse applications in the enterprise world and the various enabling factors driving this potential (5G networks, wearable technology, avatars, AI and NFTs etc). What is the role of the metaverse in the world of work? Are there opportunities for the metaverse in industrial settings thanks to the creation of digital twins? Which verticals will benefit most from the metaverse? We’ll also review the multiple barriers to the development of a thriving metaverse including challenges relating to data privacy, cybersecurity, false information and online safety. 

 Smart Cities 

The speed of global 5G deployment has ensured that a ‘smart city’ is no longer a vision of a future world but a reality today. In this Unwrapped daily focus we will analyse some of the world’s most successful examples of a smart city and showcase the impact it has had on enterprise productivity. We’ll examine the technologies driving smart cities forward – from the digital and AI tools available today to more advanced metaverse platforms powering future innovative initiatives in cities such as Seoul. We’ll review the challenges around funding smart cities and optimum governance models. We’ll also analyse how operators are increasingly involved in smart city projects. For some, their role is moving beyond providing connectivity to become smart city solution providers. 

 Smart Manufacturing 

The deployment of 5G networks globally is redefining industries. One vertical benefiting greatly from superfast transmission speeds and ultralow latency is manufacturing. This Unwrapped daily focus will highlight the challenges that manufacturing enterprises face, how the 5G revolution is helping them overcome those obstacles, and what technologies and services are at the heart of this change. We’ll review the main incentives for enterprises to step into the world of smart manufacturing and fully embrace digitalisation of the production process; from ensuring resilience in a  time of supply chain uncertainty to replacing high-risk activities and intricate operations with the use of technology such as AI and IoT. And of course we’ll review the main obstacles for enterprises to provide smart manufacturing. 

 Private Networks & Edge 

Private network wireless deployments offer enterprises a cost effective way to digitise their entire production process, particularly if they take advantage of advances in multi-access edge computing (MEC) technology. This Unwrapped daily focus will showcase how enterprise customers are deploying private networks in a variety of different ways; using established cellular technologies such as 4G as well as more nascent private 5G technologies, along with the support of the ongoing evolution of WiFi technologies. Plus we’ll review the various approaches enterprises are taking to rolling out a private network; from working with operators to going it alone or teaming with system integrators. And of course we’ll have case study examples of the most innovative private wireless enterprise use cases and which sectors stand to benefit from the private network revolution. 


 The provision of secure wireless networks has always been one of the most important factors for any mobile enterprise. But the advent of a hybrid working environment following the global pandemic has pushed the topic of security to the top of the agenda and also brought with it a host of new challenges. Recent GSMA Intelligence research shows 85% of operators consider investing in security extremely or very important to help achieve long-term enterprise revenue goals (a 17 pp increase from 2020). In this Unwrapped daily focus we’ll review why operators should always include security in their new propositions targeting workers and employers, whether the security risks are substantiated or not. We’ll highlight innovative case studies of ecosystem players introducing services to protect the data of workers operating in a hybrid-work environment. We’ll showcase the tech solutions and requirements making this a reality (for example Edge technology and AI). And we’ll analyse the multiple threat vectors brought about by virtualised networks and the challenges to be addressed.


These topics will be discussed in keynotes, panel discussions and webinars. Stay tuned for more information. Or to see how you can get involved now.