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MWC Las Vegas

2023 Preview

20 – 21 September 2023

Unwrapped: MWC Las Vegas 2023 Preview

North America is one of the biggest markets in the world, at the forefront of 5G innovation. This special Unwrapped event will preview MWC Las Vegas 2023 and tell you everything you need to know to make the most of the big event.

We’ll address the key themes of MWC Las Vegas 2023 – 5G Acceleration, Enterprise Mobility, Age of AI, and Digital Everything – and the real-world implications each of these have on everyday life.

What’s in store?

Across 2 days, Mobile World Live brings you the latest topics from MWC Las Vegas 2023. Diving deep into analysis with experts, video and partner interviews hosted by reporters in our studio and live-streaming key MWC Las Vegas 2023 content prior to the show.

Dedicated programmes during the Unwrapped event include a studio broadcast covering tips and teasers, a webinar Unwrapping the conference themes, and an exclusive preview of Industry City. 

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Tips n’ Teasers: MWC Las Vegas 2023

20 September


Mobile World Live will host executives across MWC Las Vegas 2023 and special guests to reveal how to make the most of the big show.

Industry City preview

21 September


Focused on Sports & Entertainment, FinTech, Manufacturing, and Smart Mobility, highlighting how connected technologies are breaking boundaries for these adjacent industries, we bring you an exclusive preview of Industry City.


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Get Involved

Mobile World Live is working with some fantastic partners to bring you great content across our Unwrapped event week.
Featuring keynotes, interviews and bespoke webinars run in conjunction with GSMA Intelligence.
Be a part of our event, find out more about how you can be involved in our Unwrapped event

Become a speaker

Become a speaker

Be a part of the awesome line up for Unwrapped and share your expertise about the MWC Las Vegas 2023 themes and trends that are facing the mobile industry.


Become a partner

Be the first to showcase your content or product launch ahead of MWC Las Vegas 2023. There are exclusive Partner Packages available with a range of opportunities to suit your business.

Attend the event

Attend the event

We have a packed agenda for Unwrapped in September that spans 2 days. Watch special guests, exclusive MWC Las Vegas 2023 previews and take part in the individual webinars.