On Demand: Next-Generation Networks

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We dived deep into the “second phase” of 5G networking standards, reviewing the key elements of future development.

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Open Architecture

This daily focus examined the challenges (eg integration issues/security/cultural challenges) and opportunities involved in building a single, software-based automated network that runs on any cloud – public or private, centralised or distributed.

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5G is in the process of global commercial deployment and now is the time to begin the discussion of what will follow: 6G. Innovative minds are beginning to consider what technologies could comprise a future 6G standard and what visionary services it could enable.

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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

We examined the implications for the supply chain and how operators coordinate with their suppliers on joint reporting for things like transport emissions, materials used in manufacturing, and repurposing.

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Cloud & Edge

Distributed edge computing and cloud technologies are two of the hottest topics in mobile today, particularly as both offer a way of supporting cost-efficient, agile service delivery while delivering ROI for the consumer and enterprise markets.

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