5G & 5G Advanced

Day 1 Topic – 10 October

Where is the mobile industry at with 5G?

Continuous updates for 5G

The mobile industry is still at the start of its 5G journey but there is already a strong case to suggest the technology will need continuous updates to support super high-speed uplinks, drones and hundreds of billions of wireless connections.

We’ll dive deep into the “second phase” of 5G networking standards, reviewing the key elements of future development.


Let’s unwrap the topic:

  • Network designs featuring edge and cloud computing
  • New radio designs that support technologies including full duplex communications
  • MIMO and antenna enhancements
  • Satellite and drone support
  • 3GPP R18 standards
  • Resilient technologies that block hacks and other threats
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
  • Coordinated spectrum sharing techniques
  • Services that merge the physical and digital worlds.

When does this topic feature in Unwrapped?

5G & 5G Advanced will be our very first topic of Next-Generation Networks.

Monday 10 October. Watch the 5G keynote and take part in the individual 5G webinars.

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