Day 3 Topic

Let’s discuss what really follows 5G

Is 6G the new sixth sense?

5G is in the process of global commercial deployment and now is the time to begin the discussion of what will follow: 6G. Innovative minds are beginning to consider what technologies could comprise a future 6G standard and what visionary services it could enable.

Headlines have already been made by suggestions that 6G could be thought of as a “sixth sense” experience for humans and machines. The US, China and Japan are keen to be at the forefront of development of 6G technology.

This Unwrapped daily focus will lead the way in providing a clearer understanding of how the next generation of mobile technology could develop.


Let’s unwrap the topic:

  • What do operators and enterprises truly want from 6G?
  • What are the timelines around 6G development?
  • What spectrum bands will we need?
  • What will a 6G air interface look like?
  • What features and capabilities will it need to support?

When does this topic feature in Unwrapped?

6G will be our Day 3 topic of Next-Generation Networks.

Wednesday 14 September. Watch the 6G keynote and take part in the individual 6G webinars.

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