Diving into detail about 5G & 5G Advanced, 6G, Open Architectures, Cloud & Edge and Sustainability

5 topics across Next-Generation Networks

From Monday to Friday we explore each of these topics in greater detail. Each day will have a keynote and panel discussion as a live broadcast, plus individual webinars, produced in partnership with GSMA Intelligence and sponsors.

Monday 10 October


5G & 5G Advanced

The mobile industry is still at the start of its 5G journey but there is already a strong case to suggest the technology will need continuous updates.

Tuesday 11 October

Open Architectures

Open Architecture

Examining the challenges and opportunities involved in building a single, software-based automated network that runs on any cloud – public or private.

Wednesday 12 October



Innovative minds are beginning to consider what technologies could comprise a future 6G standard and what visionary services it could enable.

Thursday 13 October

Energy & sustainability

Energy & Sustainability

How is the mobile industry aiming to improve network energy efficiency and overall sustainability? For telcos, it’s targeting the network first and foremost.

Friday 14 October

Cloud & edge

Cloud & Edge

Distributed edge computing and cloud technologies both offer a way of supporting cost-efficient, agile service delivery while delivering ROI for the consumer and enterprise markets.